Yanet García from Argentina, Sol Pérez, and the daring dress to deliver the news

Some understood , as a “return of courtesies”, the ill-minded as a “revenge”, and the well-intentioned as a coincidence. But the truth is that the media round trip between La Yanet García from Argentina, Sol Pérez, and Romina Malaspina is liable to more than one interpretation.

Both celebs of different segments on Channel 26, since the former Big Brother decided to bet on transparencies that went around by all means for several days, the “weather girl” was dedicated to returning , boldness with thick ammunition. Malaspina, strong-willed, redoubled , wager and answered each of , colleague's comments. In between, social networks took sides with one or the other.

In recent days, , was striking that Sol did not continue with the media combat and called for silence, since on more than a few occasions , has shown that , pulse and adjectives do not tremble when , says what , thinks.

Then , was understood why: , shocking appearance in Noticias from 20 to 22, said more than a thousand words. A tight dress, with the minimum length for the hour, and with a dropped shoulder was the media's response to its rival. Even, as , usually does every day, , had already advanced , on , Instagram account, receiving tens of thousands of likes from , followers in a matter of minutes.

The confrontation between the two presenters was born due to outfit issues, and , seems that , will develop in this field from now on.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1631kwujVDQ (/ embed)


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