With what other famous have they confused Reese Witherspoon?

The Hollywood star posted a message on Twitter to make , clear that , had taken what happened with a sense of humor

Reese witherspoon.

Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images

At this stage, Reese witherspoon , is more than used to being met by complete strangers on the street to congratulate , on some of , work as an actress and producer.

The same thing happened to , this weekend while , was leaving a restaurant accompanied by , husband and son, but to , surprise, on that occasion the person who came to greet , was looking for another celebrity.

To the woman in the parking lot who just asked me if , was Carrie Underwood: you have brightened my day!“, Affirmed the Hollywood star on Twitter to make , clear that , had taken what happened with a sense of humor.

, is not the only one who has been delighted with this confusion. The famous country singer has reacted to the story on that same social network to clarify that , considers , a true honor to be compared to the Artist.

What has brightened your day? I was just happy about life“, has assured ,.

To be fair, the two artists have certain similarities: both are blonde, less than six feet tall, and have a movie smile.

Responsible for dedicating an involuntary compliment to Reese was a fan named Noha Hamid, who has related the story on TikTok to confess that, when , saw , leaving a barbecue place, , was only sure that , was a celebrity. Fortunately, the actress was very kind and was not the least bit angry when , discovered that the woman who had approached , car had no idea who , really was.

“OMG. , was me, ”, assured the actress in response to , Twitter post. “Haha. I swear that as soon as I turned around I said to myself, 'Wait, that was Reese Witherspoon.' I could barely see your face because of the mask, but I knew you sounded like something to me. I adore you


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