With a pool party, José Ron celebrates the success of the soap opera “I give you life”

The actor received part of the cast at , house, where they lived together throughout the weekend

TO José Ron Little did , care that health authorities have said the red light continues due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Well, , was on Friday when the actor received at , house Omar Fierro, Rocío de Santiago, Arturo Carmona, Ramses German and Dayren Chavez, among others, to celebrate the end of the recordings of the soap opera “I give you life”.

Through , Instagram account, the actor published a series of photos where you can see the cast, without taking their healthy distance, having maximum fun in the pool.

As , was expected, Omar Fierro , was the one designated to be in front of the grill, since , cooked for all , companions and, at nightfall, they set up the evening in the light of the stars with everything and a fire.

The histrion has published several photos of the house, because , is there that , has spent the longest time of confinement.

A few months ago, production was affected by the Coronavirus as two of its actresses tested positive, , seems that they already forgot the bad time and decided to celebrate in a big way regardless of the government's recommendations.


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