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Will Derbez leave ,? Alessandra's ex wants reunion

¿La dejará Derbez? El ex de Alessandra quiere reencuentro


Will Derbez leave ,? Alessandra's ex wants reunion

Ernesto D'Alessio is very interested in meeting with , former teammates of the DKDA group

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rossaldo

Instagram capture

Recently the singer Ernesto D’Alessio , performed in concert, where , was accompanied by Patrick Borghetti Y Jan, who were , partners in the youth group DKDA, formed 20 years ago in the wake of a soap opera.

After the concert, Ernesto, moved, said in an interview with a television program that , would like to have a reunion with all the members of the group, in which , now ex-girlfriends were also Sharis cid Y Alessandra Rosaldo, this last current wife of the actor Eugenio Derbez.

It should be remembered that Alessandra and D'Alessio had a very intense romance at the beginning of the last decade and even lived together, so the press asks if Eugenio is open-minded enough to accept that , wife participated in a tour sharing the stage with , ex. Ernesto commented: “We are going to talk to ,, but hopefully Eugenio lets , wife participate, because I think it would only be , that could cost us the most work to convince , to be part of this adventure.”

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