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Where to watch animated shorts nominated for the 2020 Oscar Awards?

¿Dónde ver los cortos animados nominados a los Premios Oscar 2020?


Where to watch animated shorts nominated for the 2020 Oscar Awards?

Earlier this week the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the Oscar 2020 Awards and although probably most movie fans have seen or already have plans to watch the films that compete in categories such as Best Picture and Best Screenplay, the challenge is a bit greater when thinking about short.

Many times these remarkable short productions tend to go more unnoticed than movies and in some cases finding them is a challenge. That's why we tell you what options you have to see the five animated shorts They are nominated for the 2020 Oscar Awards.


“In a hospital room, the Daughter remembers a difficult moment of , childhood when, as a child, , tried to share , experience with an injured bird with , father,” that's the synopsis of DCERA (Daughter), the short written and directed by Daria Kashcheeva (To Accept) competing for a statuette at the Academy Awards.

DCERA not available on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo and it's only in the DAFilms streamingHowever, this service does not work in Latin America. Therefore the only way to see this short film for now is through unofficial links that have already multiplied through social networks.

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Hair love

This short film directed by Matthew A. Cherry (executive producer of BlacKkKlansman), Everett Downing Jr. (animator of Up) and Bruce W. Smith (creator of The Proud Family) tell the story of a father who is learning to comb , daughter for the first time and you can see it for free in this YouTube link or reviewing the video below.

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From the Pixar SparkShorts initiative comes Kitbull, a story directed by Rosana Sullivan (cheerleader of The Incredibles 2) that tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a stray cat and a pit bull mistreated.

Kitbull is available on YouTube and you can see it below:

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Directed by Bruno Collet (Le petit dragon) This short film follows the painter Louis and , wife Michelle, who are involved in a series of strange events. In fact, the synopsis feels that “, world seems to be mutating. Gradually, furniture, objects and people lose their realism. They are ‘unstructuring’, sometimes disintegrating. ”

Here they have a teaser so they can see what the bet of Memorable:

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Now, if you want to see Memorable you can follow This link to Vimeo.


Sister It is a short written, directed and animated by Siqi Song (The Coin) where the focus is on a man who remembers , childhood and how , grew up with , annoying little sister in the China of the 1990s.

Until a few days ago this short it was complete on YouTube, but now it is not officially available on any platform. So as comfort we can only leave the trailer below.

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