We remember the strong fight of Raúl de Molina with Graciela Beltrán

El Gordo is one of the most beloved drivers on the small screen, however , has starred in more than one scandal

Raúl de Molina , has established himself as the most famous “fat man” on the small screen, with , charisma , has managed to conquer the audience of The fat and the skinny and next to , partner, Lili Estefan, does a good job on the show.

However, , has had more than a touch with celebrities and that is that, many times , way of being collides with celebrities. So , was with the singer Graciela Beltrán with whom , fought heavily on television after a meeting they had in one of , presentations.

, happened 10 years ago, when El Gordo went to make peace with Graciela after , talked about , on , show. At the end of an interview where you could feel the tension Raúl asked Graciela to pass and hug each other, however this did not please the singer.

Raúl carried Beltrán and turned , around, but , was upset because , dress was too short and exposed , privacy. Beltrán immediately walked away from the celebrity and yelled at , very annoyed that , shouldn't have done that.

Raúl tried to calm ,, however , hid herself among , fans and did not continue with the interview. In the forum, the photographer also reported that , has loaded celebrities as Thalia Y Salma Hayek and none said anything to ,.