Watch Superstore 5×19 Promo "Carol's Back" (HD)

Watch Superstore 5×19 "Carol's Back" Promo Season 5 Episode 19 – When Carol returns to the store after suspension, Amy struggles with employees who refuse to work with ,. Garrett and Mateo take advantage of concert economy and Jonah tries to convince Raise The Wage demonstrators that , is one of them. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on YouTube and get more promotions at supermarket 5 in HD!

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Superstore 5×19 promotion / "Carol's Back" preview
Superstore Season 5 Episode 19 Promotion
Promotion Superstore 5×19 "Carol's Back" (HD)

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»Watch Thursday Superstore at 20:00 on NBC
»Starring America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, Lauren Ash and Mark McKinney

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