Video: Frida Sofia confirms altercation with Chiquis Rivera and everything , yelled at

Frida Sofia Y Chiquis Rivera They had a clash after the 2019 Radio Awards. The two celebrities attended the event in Dallas and came out of lawsuit.

It was because Rivera defended Lupe Esparza of the Bronco Group after Frida allegedly insulted the singer.

“What a penny news ***. How am I going to be fighting because it is to insult the Lord of the Bronco or I don't know what? ”Said the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán. “Sorry, I didn't know who , really was but I never treated , badly or anything.”

“But, that old woman, I don't think I was defending , just shouting at me 'little fu ** ing bitch' or I don't know … dog and it still makes me that way,” Frida continued, pointing with the hands of how Chiquis challenged ,. “But (, did) behind all , servants and I tell them servants because , tells , little friends. , friends are , servants, so what a fuck to hide … few eggs. ”

“Leave what you uploaded yesterday. And when I see you again, if we can talk, right? ”, concluded.

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