Univision's Tony Dandrades talks about the humiliations , has received for , skin color

Tony Dandrades , was recently sued along with the Univision network for discriminating against Dominican television. However, the presenter of “Primer Impacto” has also suffered discrimination due to , skin color.

During an interview with Alejandra Espinoza In the program “The Break of 7”, Dandrades confessed for the difficult times , has lived.

“When I married my wife Amy, who is North American and is white, many people said that I did , to improve the race and that is racism,” confessed the famous celebrity.

, also said that a television program had assured that , only remained valid in the Latin chain because “, was black.”

“A short time ago on a live television show I was also described as being on Univision for so long because I was black and on Univision I was filling a quota,” , added. “I am at Univision because I have talent and I do my job well done.”

“If this continues, they will suffer more than we have suffered. We have been battling this for many years and , seems that nothing has been achieved. What happened with George Floyd should not happen in the 21st century, “, also said.

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