They run to Mhoni Seer of ‘Today’ on Televisa surprisingly

Mhoni Seer ceased to appear on the program “Today” of Televisa since the last week of October. Clairvoyant fans were perplexed when they no longer saw , in , predictions section.

When the Cuban was notified that , presence was no longer required, , reported it within , space in the radio program of Javier Alatorre.

“From today Mhoni Seer is no longer in Today. Yesterday my character was thanked by the producer Magda Rodríguez, the strangest thing is that in December the contract was terminated. , says that executive people no longer wanted me to be there, because of this, ”Mhoni explained.

Mhoni found it strange that , was fired since , contract ended in December. Although many criticized that the seer could not predict , departure from the morning, , says , already had weeks with a feeling.

“I already felt it for a month before, but I am very professional. Mhoni Seer, what , has best is to be very accomplished, professional, I am always working watching for others, ”Mhoni said in“ Gossip no Like ”.

Mhoni also said that producer Magda Rodríguez had set foot in a certain way since , reduced the time to , section.

“Magda here is the witch and I feel that for a month you have been sabotaging Mhoni's segment completely by putting obstacles, giving you less minutes, questioning many things, it is indisputable,” , said.

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