They assure that Anuel AA is as bald as Farruko

Real to death? Videos demonstrate the poor hair of Karol G’s boyfriend

Anuel AA
Instagram capture

After the trick of Farruko at a concert when , hair was exposed, many network users have started a campaign against Anuel AA, saying that the god of the trap It does the same.

The group of haters ensures that the couple of Karol G Use your hair to cover your baldness as a bangs. Another thing that raises suspicions is that the singer never changes , hairstyle in , videos, whether , is in a pool or in bed with , girlfriend.

The most convincing tests are these two videos, in which we see how the wind makes bad plays and does not forgive Anuel, so it shows a very pronounced calvice. In a clip the artist is on the beach and a gust of air exposes , broad forehead, while in the second Anuel AA Y Karol G They go up to a mechanical game in an amusement park, so the movement also exposes the skull of the urban music star.

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