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The script of the Doctor Doom movie is ready, but its future is uncertain

El guión de la película de Doctor Doom está listo, pero su futuro es incierto


The script of the Doctor Doom movie is ready, but its future is uncertain

Before Fox's property passed to Disney, the creator of the series Legion, Noah Hawley, began working on a new movie focused on the infamous Doctor Doom And although in a new interview Hawley revealed that , story is ready, the future of this project does not look very good.

On the occasion of the broadcast of the last episode of Legion- that took place last Monday in the United States-, Hawley told Deadline that finally , finished , bet for the Doctor Doom movie, but that after the merger between Fox and Disney now everything depends on what Marvel Studios wants for the villain and the First Family.

“I mean, what is it now (the project) is that the movie ended and Legion finished and I took some free time because someone told me that this word “vacation” existed, which means you don't work, which sounded really interesting to me, “ said Hawley.

“But you know, I need to go back to them (Marvel Studios) and announce that I would love to do it and find out if that is possible,” added the head of Fargo “Whether or not they have an established plan about what to do with those characters or if they are open to my kind of vision about what to do with those characters. But now it's my turn to press them, which I will do as soon as I get out on the air. ”

Obviously Hawley's statements do not give up this production for dead, as has happened with several mutant projects that were being woven in Fox before the merger with Disney, however, the creator of Legion Nor does , seem very concerned about pressing on it.

In addition, there is the whole factor of the Marvel Studios plans for The Fantastic Four and the ruler of Latveria, which might not coincide with Hawley's vision.

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