The fitness routine that JLo follows to look radiant at 50

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images.

At 50, Jennifer Lopez boasts of having one of the best physicists in the entertainment world, the famous singer takes care of herself in a superhuman way and , Instagram account is proof of that. On some occasions , has stated that one of , secrets is that , does not consume alcohol, however there is no doubt that this body is the result of a rigorous training routine.

Her second half, Alex Rodriguez , is also a fan of exercise and both represent the quintessential fitness couple. Today we show you how it works JLo To look amazing.

1. The straight back

JLo works with classic dumbbells and heavy basic exercises such as biceps and pecs. Try to have the always straight backWell, remember that , is also a dancer and needs to train , body for the constant choreography , performs while singing.

2. Electric bands

With the help of elastic bands, Jennifer Lopez works arms, biceps, shoulders, triceps and abs. They are key exercises for your fitness. Also works resistance, which unlike weights, allows you to gain condition.

3. Support machines

With the help of special devices, JLo manages to get the most out of your workout and exercises abdominals, obliques, backs and buttocks. Thanks to the resistance of the legs , manages to get strength and that , muscles support the body in all the needs that , requires in , shows.

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