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The detail that would link Robert Pattison's Batman with Detective Comics # 1000

El detalle que vincularía al Batman de Robert Pattison con Detective Comics #1000


The detail that would link Robert Pattison's Batman with Detective Comics # 1000

When Matt Reeves unveiled the first look at the suit Robert Pattinson will wear to play the dark knight in The batman, the fans soon began to analyze the details of the next outfit for the character's cinema.

Thus, while some were quick to establish comparisons with the video game series Arkham, others noticed the Structure of the bat symbol.

As clearly seen in the video revealed by Reeves, the symbol at the center of the new Batman suit will consist of metal pieces and, as these pieces look like the parts of a gun, the fans soon posed that the symbol could be made with the weapon that Joe Chill used to kill Thomas and Martha Wayne that fateful night in the Crime Alley.

Of course, that is not confirmed and several could argue that using the weapon that killed , parents as part of , suit would be something “dark” even for a character like Batman.

In fact, Alfred Pennyworth thought something similar in one of the stories of Detective Comics # 1000, but Bruce Wayne gave , an answer that could test what the Batman version that Matt Reeves plans to present would look like.

To recap a little, Detective Comics # 1000 It is the comic that special that DC published last year to celebrate 80 years of the dark knight. Inside this publication included different short stories invented by several creators and in particular contemplated a narrative entitled “Manufactured for Use” It was written by Kevin Smith and drawn by Jim Lee.

In that story a Bruce Wayne who apparently has been fighting crime for a while is characterized as a collector of objects used by the criminals of Gotham. Everything to enter a place called “The Gotham Gift Shop,” a clandestine business that sells weapons, costumes and items of villains who have been arrested by Batman.

But Bruce is not looking for a Mad Hatter hat, a Poison Ivy plant or Firefly mask, but is behind the gun of the criminal who changed , life: Joe Chill

Of course, this clandestine store has the gun that ended the lives of Martha and Thomas Wayne, so Bruce does not hesitate to pay a considerable sum of money to get it.

Back in the Batcave, Alfred as always is the voice of sanity and questions why Bruce wanted to buy the gun that symbolizes the worst moment of , life. But Gotham's vigilante argues that , does not intend to leave the weapon as a trophy and that , plan is Turn it into something useful.

Throughout the comic it looks like different villains hit Batman in the chest, so Bruce decides Melt the gun and use its metal to create an inner protection for your suit.

I will make the metal pay for their sins. I will melt the metal that killed my parents and forge it into something useful. So that metal that broke my heart when I was a child? It will be the same metal that will protect my heart when I am a man and that is justice.

Obviously at this point we are not sure if Robert Pattison's Batman suit will actually have Joe Chill's gun on the bat symbol and obviously we don't know the explanation that would eventually be given for that in the movie.

However, it does not seem far-fetched that this is the bet of this production and that the final explanation will eventually be in a line similar to what that history of Detective Comics # 1000.

The batman It will be released in June 2021.

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