The Batman, The Matrix 4 and Mission Impossible 7 would have to postpone their releases

The scope of the COVID-19 has long affected super productions in Hollywood, both those that had to be released during this time as well as those that are being filmed to reach movie screens starting in 2021.

Now a new report from Variety indicates that the less pessimistic expectation is that jobs can be resumed from mid-May. And that would only involve productions with filming in the United States, which puts those with plans to produce abroad in trouble.

For example, Mission Impossible 7 , had to start , work in Venice soon, but the Italian city is in one of the most difficult areas. And because of the scope of the project's deals, which involve tax breaks and other agreements, , is not so easy to get there and move to another location.

Also add to The Matrix 4, who was unable to move to Berlin after finishing , filming in San Francisco, while The Batman , managed to film seven months in London before the stoppage.

In summary, Variety states that each of those films could achieve their jobs by the stipulated release dates, “but they are much more likely to have to move.”

Despite that situation, the portal assures that Marvel Studios does not plan to move the filming of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, whose work was to begin in June by director Sam Raimi.

Another problem in the middle of everything lies in the agendas of the actors, the study plans and how the business works based on the most requested stars, who practically go out and enter projects, one after another. “The expectation is that star in demand like Chris Pratt for Jurassic World: Dominion or Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice will be able to convince future productions to move their start dates in order to finish their filming.“They explain.

However, the obstacles would multiply with the secondary actors that have non-minor parts in future projects and whose agenda will also be affected. “Sources say studio executives are already reviewing the availability of other actors that could serve as possible replacements. “they explain.

Things like this are still under constant evaluation, but studies will probably have to settle this issue soon.

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