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Sweet Lizzy Project, indie music with Cuban roots

Sweet Lizzy Project,  música indie con raíces cubanas


Sweet Lizzy Project, indie music with Cuban roots

The group did not intend to leave the island, until a famous singer discovered , and brought , to the United States to record a record

When Lisset Díaz was in the fourth year of the molecular biology career in Havana, , began writing songs. I did it with the sole intention of perhaps recording them for , and “so that my grandchildren would someday listen to them.”

However, when , was already a teacher and researcher at the university, , met Miguel Comas, a guitarist with whom , started talking about music. Then they decided to get together to record an album, and thus the indie band was born that was later baptized as Sweet Lizzy Project.

The group achieved recognition in Cuba, and that is why it was one of the artists that were included in the documentary Havana Time Machine, which aired in 2017 on the chain PBS as part of the Great Performances series, in which the host, Raúl Malo, leader of the band The Mavericks, explores , Cuban roots.

“When (Raúl Malo) saw our way of making music, in a studio – which is not a studio -, little one (…) was impressed to see how we did so much with so little,” said Diaz, who besides being the main composer of the combo is the vocalist.

When the documentary was finished, Malo, who was starting , Mono Mundo Recordings label, invited the band to travel to the United States to produce their next album.

“We think,‘ when this guy leaves we won't see , again in life, “Diaz said. “A month later , called us, we agreed, and two months later we were already in the United States watching producers and the people we were going to work with.”

Now, after a long process and a tour of the country that began as soon as they received their work visa, the guys from Sweet Lizzy Project will release “Technicolor” in February, an album mostly in English – the language in which Díaz , writes , songs – , flirts with rock, pop, country and even reggaeton.

“I do not fit in, we do everything,” said the singer, who along with , four companions will offer a show on Saturday at the Hotel Cafe club in Hollywood. “We started it in Cuba and we finished it in Nashville, and although it doesn't sound Cuban, the way of presenting ourselves live, being away from home, makes Cuban roots come out at some point.”

Currently members of Sweet Lizzy Project have their residence in Nashville, where Malo, who received them when they arrived, also lives. However, they have already traveled the country from coast to coast to perform at festivals and open shows of figures such as the Heart and Joan Jet group.

Nothing is further from Havana, where the group never intended to leave.

“Before they asked me,‘ And what do you do in the United States? ”, And I said,“ I came to record a record. ” Diaz said. “Now they tell me, what are you doing here?” And I answer, I live here now. “

In detail

What: Sweet Lizzy Project

When: Saturday 9 pm

Where: Hotel Cafe, 1623 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles

How: presale tickets $ 10; reports (323) 461-2040 and

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