Selena Gomez announces the arrival of a new member to , family

Singer Selena Gomez takes several days locked in , California house with , grandparents and avoiding going outside unless , is to see , little sister. In recent days , has occurred to , follow the example of many famous friends, who are taking advantage of the period of isolation during which they will not be able to travel to temporarily adopt a pet to keep them company.

In , case, the actress and producer also opened the doors of , home a week ago to an adorable puppy named Daisy which luckily gets along great with , dog Winnie thanks to its docile character.

“I know a few people who have taken animals from shelters, to offer them a safe place to stay ”, , has explained to all , fans in an Instagram live in which , has taken the opportunity to introduce the new member of , family.

Although , was not part of , initial plans, ,'s been a matter of days that Selena completely falls in love with Daisy and the idea of ​​returning , to the shelter where , found , is unbearable.

“I couldn't avoid ,, I have to keep ,”, has admitted.

In that same intervention on social networks, Selena has asked all , fans to take seriously the threat posed by the rapid expansion of the coronavirus and take all possible precautions to avoid multiplying the number of infections.

“I can not understand why some people don't take seriously the fact that human lives are at stake. I am not trying to attack anyone. ,'s just that ,'s very hard for me to witness those kinds of attitudes because I have grandparents, who are older, and a little sister who can't even go to school ”, has pointed out.