Saulo Poncio becomes meme when discovering Gabi Brandt pregnancy, watch video

Gabi Brandt recently announced that , is expecting Saulo Poncio's second child. The influencer dressed Davi, son of the couple, with a body written “promoted to older brother”. The UM44K member was not understanding, but after a few moments, , burst into tears.

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The singer's reaction was turned into a meme by Internet users who no longer went with , face due to the various controversies involving betrayals. After telling about the pregnancy to Davi's nanny, to , sister-in-law, Sarah Poncio, and to the parents, Gabi wrote “You are already very loved son… or daughter… We are very anxious to meet you. You are the proof that God is faithful in , promises ”. Look:


And check the internet not forgiving Saulo's reaction:

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