Roger and Jessica Rabbit mourn: Richard Williams, their creator, died

Richard Williams worked alongside director Robert Zemeckis in the movie Who cheated Roger Rabbit?

The animator who created the character Roger RabbitRichard Williams passed away this Friday at age 86, , family announced.

The triple Oscar winner was born in Toronto (Canada), but moved to the United Kingdom in the 50s. Williams died in Bristol board, where , lived, according to , family.

The artist was the animation director of the famous movie Who cheated on roger rabbit?, (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), Directed by Robert Zemeckis, and created both Roger's and Jessica Rabbit's characters.

Richard Williams / Photo: Getty Images.

Williams won three awards Bafta, which delivers the British Film Academy, in addition to participating in other works, such as the comedy The Return of the Pink Panther or The Pink Panther strikes again and in Royal Casino.

, first film, The Little Island came out in 1958 and reported a Bafta award. , won , first Oscar in 1971 for adapting the work of Charles Dickens A Christmas story.

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