Ricardo Montaner's family mourns, , cousin dies in Spain from the coronavirus

“The Glory of God sounded soft in , room while preparing , departure,” says the singer

Ricardo Montaner.

John Parra / Getty Images

Carlos Rodríguez, singer's cousin Ricardo Montaner died in Spain. The singer-songwriter has exposed through Instagram that , family member died of the coronavirus.

Today Carlitos Rodríguez, our cousin from Spain, left us, this virus took ,. The most fragile are those who bear the worst part …“The singer said through , Instagram account.

“Carlitos loved opera, my music I don't know how much, but I keep the consolation that The glory of God , sounded soft in , room as , prepared , departure, ”Montaner revealed.

“I keep , image and remember our last visit to Madrid last year, especially to see and share with ,. Today a steamroller has fallen on us, , may be better now but the truth is there are mysteries of God that in our smallness we will never be able to understand. Peace ”, concludes the statement of the famous singer of Argentine and Venezuelan origin.

This is the song that Ricardo Montaner talks about that , sang in a duet with , daughter Evaluna Montaner.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRsgqFu5c1o (/ embed)

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