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Remember celebrities who caused controversy at Carnival

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Remember celebrities who caused controversy at Carnival

Carnival is the time when people enjoy life intensely, spill out, literally throw themselves into the revelry. In the world of the famous, this is also no different, they cause, drink a little more, kiss on the mouth, fight and end up having their name exposed in the media with all these situations.

With a week to go before Carnival, this week's IstoÉ Gente #TBT made a list that recalls some controversies that marked the revelry. Check out!

1] Neymar x Anitta x Bruna Marquezine
How not to remember last year's Carnival in which the player Neymar stayed with Anitta and left , ex-girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine, devastated. Enjoying the revelry in the same box in Sapucaí, Neymar and Bruna had a big scheme to avoid running into each other, but it was inevitable that this would happen. The PSG star arrived in the company of Gabriel Medina, , great friend from the artistic world, and the singer Anitta, of whom , had had an affair in the past.

Very excited, the singer and the player exchanged affections and hugs in public, thus making Marquezine very jealous of , ex. According to journalist Léo Dias, Anitta and Neymar would have gone to a reserved place in the box where they exchanged kisses.

Very upset with the embarrassing situation, Bruna Marquezine stopped following Anitta on Instagram, then went back to following and soon after ended up deactivating , account on the social network that has millions of followers.

2] Luana Piovani x Rodrigo Santoro
In the year 2000, the actress Luana Piovani, who was dating the actor at the time Rodrigo Santoro, was caught kissing with businessman Christiano Rangel in a very popular box in Salvador, Bahia. With this betrayal that gave something to talk about at the time, the courtship between the two went down the drain.

In an interview with presenter Antonia Fontenelle on the blonde's channel, Na Lata, on YouTube, Piovanni revealed that , felt guilty for a long time. “It took me a long time to forgive myself, but I understood that I was only dating, I was not married, I had no children. I was 22 years old and everything was in keeping with my moment. Even because , had already done that, , just wasn't in the media, ”said Luana.

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3] Thiago Rodrigues x Cristiane Dias
The ex-couple Cristiane Days and Thiago Rodrigues they had a real fight in a box in 2012. As the place was very big and full of people, , ended up losing , husband and was irritated because , didn't answer the phone. The actor explained that , did not hear the device ring, but the journalist did not want to know and set up the largest shack when , saw , speaking to the ear of actress Ludmila Dayer. The couple fought there on the spot in front of everyone and got to separate due to this story.

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