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Rafa Brites revolts with macho comment on social networks



Rafa Brites revolts with macho comment on social networks

Rafa Brites , used social media to share with , followers an embarrassing moment that , recently passed. Upon leaving the gym, ,, who is married to the reporter Felipe Andreoli, with whom , has a son, three-year-old Rocco got into , car and heard from a man that “your husband must be earning well at Globo”.

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“This is obviously not my car … But there is something I love and understand. Believe me if you want me to leave the gym now, get in MY car, a guy passed by and said: ‘big car, huh! Maridão must be earning well there at Globo '”, , said.

“I didn't even have time to respond. But I answer here: ‘oops, hubby must earn a lot, but this car and , was even the one I bought. I chose, negotiated, had the crankcase fitted, I paid extra for the chrome detail and, by the way, I want to change my exhaust for a more sporty one. Thanks. You're welcome ”, , added, using an image of , with a Ferrari to illustrate the post.

In the comments, Rafa's followers and friends were shocked by the man's comment and left messages of support, such as “Boa, Rafita”, “Powerful who speaks, right?”, “You are f…”, among others. Check out the presenter's post below:


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