Popular Japanese Actress Arrested in Tokyo for Drugs

Japanese actress Erika Sawajiri was arrested in Tokyo and accused of having drugs, more details to follow!

Japanese actress Erika Sawajiri was arrested on Saturday in Tokyo and accused of allegedly owning a small amount of MDMA or ecstasy, reported by NHK today citing police sources.

The sources indicated that the agents found in her home slightly less than a tenth of a gram of ecstasy (0.09 grams), which the actress allegedly recognized was her property.

Erika Sawajiri, 33, the daughter of a Japanese father and an Algerian mother, has participated in various television programs and films such as “Pacchigi!” (2004), where she played a young Korean-Japanese.

According to NHK, the actress, who has also maintained a parallel career as a singer, was arrested in her apartment in the Tokyo neighborhood of Meguro, where she lives with her mother, following unspecified suspicions that indicated she possessed illegal drugs.

According to the same sources, the actress had been in a club in the Tokyo district of Shibuya the night before her arrest. The drug was found inside a capsule stored in her room, police told NHK.

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