“Please, don't see , on a phone”

The Irishman now available on Netflix which means you can finally enjoy the new Martin Scorsese at the time and place that your connection to the streaming platform allows. But, if you were planning to watch the movie on your phone, the director has a suggestion for you.

In an interview with film critic Peter Travers on , YouTube show “Popcorn with Peter Travers”Scorsese said , did not The Irishman thinking about mobile devices and although Netflix is ​​in charge of managing aspect ratios to present the film on different screens, the director still has a preference: that viewers Do not watch this or your other movies on your phones.

“I would suggest that if you ever want to watch one of my movies, or most movies, please don't look at them on the phone, please ”, said the director. “An iPad, a great iPad, maybe.”

While Netflix does not disclose its audience figures or less on what devices users see certain productions, it is not hard to imagine that more than someone ventured to see The Irishman on , cell phone and several more they did on their tablets and computers. After all, even though the tape is still on the billboard in some selected cinemas Its functions are limited.

In that sense, Scorsese is aware of what a Netflix premiere puts on the table and proposes that the experience could still be kept at home.

“In a fun way, I think I managed to cover all the bases in terms of how you can watch this movie,” said the head of Taxi celebrity. “Ideally, I would like you to go to the movies and you see it on a big screen from beginning to end. I know it's long: you have to get up, you have to go to the bathroom, that kind of thing. I understand, but also (you can) at home. I think if you can spend a night or an afternoon on this, knowing that you will not answer the phone or that you will not get up too much, it could work”.

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