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Piovani criticizes Scooby in long outburst

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Piovani criticizes Scooby in long outburst

Luana Piovani made a long outburst last night on YouTube. In more than 20 minutes, , tells, in the bathroom video of , home in Portugal, about how , life changed after the breakup. , talks about the fights with Pedro Scooby and also about , father's relationship with little Dom, Bem and Liz.

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“You know I'm having a frog. By the way, I want to enjoy and say this: if you are one of those people who says why are you saying that? Exposing ', you think I'm wrong, you think I should be quiet, be discreet, please go away. You don't watch this video, forget me, you can unsubscribe, unsubscribe because it has nothing to do.

What I want to say is this: with social networks and information, we increasingly understand that we need to talk about the things that are wrong because it is only when we say that the people around us and not had the courage to say for the first time will be encouraged to say that they are going through it too. I speak because I always spoke. Since I was 16 I have a microphone in my hand, that's when I became famous and I always talked about everything. I have never refused to share my experiences, first because it is my choice and second because I believe that dividing people multiplies and this is not just a mushy almanac phrase, I really think about it in my rich and intense 43 years of life.

So I am sharing with you what I am going through and which is not easy. First, because only five of my personal friends came to tell me today that they have been through what I am going through, that is, the father does not comply with the communication. Out – if you're curious, check out my Instagram feed that you'll see how many women have gone through so much worse. Anyway, I'd say it's almost 70%. And seventy percent is a lot. And it's wrong.

We're talking right and duty, it's not a favor what people are doing. Now what saddens me is that it is the children who lose it because once I lose confidence in their father, how am I going to be quiet for them to travel with them again?

Because this time Angelina had a broken arm and couldn't travel. It wasn't, all right. I still saw Dad with great eyes. That's because I fought like crazy for , to take all three because obviously , just wanted to take the Dom, but this is another video: about the relationship of the father with different children.

And then I was “glad to be with the three of them alone and I don't know what”, I gave a vote of confidence. Because if Angelina was with the kids, which would normally happen, none of this would be happening. I would be communicating with the children through ,, , would be talking to me at the agreed time and day, right? But anyway.

What I want to tell you is that , went to travel with the children, did the favor of missing the flight. That's because I'm so good that at no time did I think that the biased and ignorant story , was talking about was about me or Angelina or my mother. Because we stayed here the desperate three trying to solve , problem, because , was the one who was going to travel with the children to the United States and had not organized himself, had lost two documents and had not communicated to anyone that , needed a gift visa.

Well, this past, it suits me – this I have everything printed, okay? I am a virginian. Before the kids go I put everything written down, the conditions: car seat, no swear words, no songs with foul expressions or bad words, no typing while driving and talking to my kids every other day at 8pm, which is noon. day, which I thought was a good time, because the kids on vacation wake up later, I know they are making a delicious mess, nobody is going to sleep early, I know that Leticia and Pedro sleep late, I said 'wow, noon It's a good time. ' And also if it wasn't, it was just a match.

They traveled on Thursday, I spoke to them on Friday and never answered any WhatsApp again. No answer. I called Leticia and , didn't answer either. And why didn't , answer me? Because , gave me the wrong number. I also have everything printed, annotated, marked. I don't know why , does these things, , almost seems naive to think that we don't organize, that people don't talk, that people don't see, don't record, anyway.

Now , took the video of the kids doing wakeboarding. People must have pissed , off so much talking about security that , went there and deleted the video, that neither did , delete the video of when , speaks badly about a religion that is very important to Brazilian culture because simply Brazil, I think it was Africa , is the country with the most African influence, anyway. Candomblé, all these African descent.

And now , comes calling me crazy, of course, telling me nonsense and, to improve, and I'll tell you that because I'm sure that everyone goes through this too…

You know what happens… So the name of the video – sorry to interrupt me – is 'who doesn't know how to sacrifice'.

I cut into my flesh for my children. I ended my marriage by cutting meat because I knew I was going to have a better father if I separated because I wasn't good the way I was, a person to share the function of having three children.

And I get Pedro here, , stays here – not that , sleeps here – but , spends the day with the kids, stays in the pool, comes in, talks, calls, let , talk anytime , wants on Angelina's phone , at Facetime and such, but it costs me, it is not pleasant for me to be near ,, to hear , voice inside the house, I end up staying in my room while , is here. But I know how to sacrifice myself and that's what is so crazy, man doesn't know. It's a shame that it's generalizing, but it's because if we look at the statistics, how many percent of parents have seen mothers as mothers have seen fathers? Because this story is so common that we separate from husband and husband from children.

And , had the ability to tell me, my God, wanting to hit me – imagine, then me, the circus owner – 'why the kids say they never want to go home anymore, why the kids don't ask you, that's why kids don't ask to talk to you on the phone '.

Look , wants to make me insecure about the love of my children for me, wanting to hurt me, thinking that I would be stirred because the children say they never want to come back here and do not ask to call me. My God, I wonder what kind of thinking does , have? what is , line of reasoning to find, first that it will hit me and second that I will believe it. And not in the fact that the children spoke, because the children may even have spoken. I am the daughter of separated parents, I remember every time my mother pissed me off I thought: I need to live with my father.

Guys, for God's sake, elementary my dear Watson, human beings are all the same why psychoanalysis exists. Which is based on the behavioral study of humans, who all have more or less similar, we end up going through almost the same things with different characters and intensities, but it's all very similar.

, still had the chance to hurt me. And ended the conversation after the block of downloads that wrote me – and is well recorded – came to tell me that will return with the children before to Portugal.

Then we go back to the name of the video: 'when you don't know how to sacrifice yourself'. Do you imagine the frustration of the children when , looks at them and says ‘then, let's pack up that you are not going to stay here with dad at Aunt Lele's house until such day, we will leave after tomorrow. Do you have any idea what this will cause in my children's heart? And , told me that. And I say more, I don't doubt that , does. Because , doesn't know how to sacrifice himself for , children.

, still doesn't understand that once you have a child the key has to turn and you are not the number 1 in your own life. Today, for example, I am number 4 in my own life. , too, , had three children. But no, , only thinks about ,. So as , is angry, , is angry because the whole of Brazil is embarrassed by the kind of posture , is having, , will bring the children before.

We'll all be here, me, Angelina, homesick, but that's totally absurd, yeah. And I'm telling you this because this is all so common, ok? I'm telling everyone to see what happens everywhere, including those people we think are amazing. Because I always thought Pedro was such a cool fucking guy. We even had this conversation back there, when we were together, talking about getting married, talking about having a child. , turned and said, 'But if it doesn't work out, we'll be best friends.' And I even got angry, I said 'how the guy might think it won't work'. We don't even think about it, it even hurts to think that one day it wouldn't work. Anyway, so I was pretty sure that wasn't going to happen, so I proposed that we have a separate relationship as I proposed to ,, which is how I always imagined we could have.

Anyway… Today, Tuesday, I had to block , because , was telling me disagreements. and how my mother, on my phone and inside my house, if there is one thing I don't hear is discomfort. Because at my house I call the police and on the phone I hang up. Then I blocked , and said: I do not need to talk to you, just talk to my children every other day, not at 20h, if it can not be at 20h please tell me what time I adapt. It is my interest to talk to my children.

Then I had to block , after all the downloads , said to me and said: ‘I don't need to talk to you. Thursday 8 pm, noon there, please answer the phone there and that's it. Let's see if it will answer because I will come here to tell you why this is not done.

And it came crazy: 'Hey, you have all the phones of the people who are with the kids'. My God, you have to put more tobacco in this thing ,'s smoking because it's not possible. As well? I only have , phone and Leticia , gave me, hers , went wrong , is not connected, , does not answer, does not answer, I'll talk to who? I even regretted that at first I had agreed to talk a crucible with Leticia's mother because after all is the lady who will be inside and such, but I did not talk, said “oh, not so much”. Because if I had , phone, I'd call , and , immediately said 'no, for God's sake, talk to them here'.

Well, you're doing crazy, saying that I could have spoken and unfortunately … I'm still thinking about how to minimize this damage once we cut the meat yes, for the children.

I'm sharing here so we can become a voice because it happens and it can't happen.

I'll see now how we do things to organize, because how will I trust? What are we going to do? We'll have to go to the judge. And how do you go to the judge? Do you have to go to Brazil? I don't know when I go to Brazil. Will I have to go to Brazil because of this? My God, what a life delay. Let's see below scenes from the next chapters. But it didn't have to, right. I mean, I know I needed to. My mother is a lawyer and is saying 'organize things'. But it's 4, 5 months that we broke up. I was never going to say no to , to see the kids, I opened my house, bought , a wardrobe, said: ‘leave your stuff there, man. Make our home your HQ in Europe. 'But ingratitude is a mortal sin in my book.

And then let's see if , will meet me on Thursday. Because that's all, I call every other day not at 20h, talk to my chicks and everything is great.

Yesterday this story of not talking to my children was consuming me: I was angry, sad, anguished, thinking bullshit, and I was doing myself very badly and it happened in the morning. Because usually when I wake up in the morning, I hear myself talking internally. I am more silent, but I hear a lot about what is happening inside me and I was anguished because I was so angry, very alive inside me.

I lay about two and a half hours here in my room, I lay awake, I came here, I thought, I read some important things, I took a shower, I organized my feelings and I thought: 'My children so well, because if they didn't have well , sure bad news had already come to me, so well they are, which is the most important thing. '

I won't give , the power to make my week a fiasco. Also because my days are all organized to be amazing, imagine, my routine is the sky, I'm even embarrassed to say, then I got it. Today I woke up well even without talking to myself without talking to my children I was fine, I was not distressed by a leech in my jugular.

It is very important when we have something bad inside us, we organize the thinking, take a break. Because if we are feeling all this, the other person may not even know that you exist, only you who have that bitter taste in your mouth. ”

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