Pericles starts exercising and adopts a regulated diet

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Always in a good mood, singer Péricles shared a bit of , new routine with , Instagram followers. After being hospitalized at the beginning of the year with a urinary tract infection, the singer decided that , would have a healthier life, especially after the birth of , daughter Maria Helena.

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In an interview with Quem, , says , saw the need to eat better and exercise so that, when , can go out again, be in good condition for fans and family. “I am 51 years old now and I have been a father for five months with Maria Helena and both my age and the fact of having a baby were already worrying me, but , is one more reason for me to exercise and for me to be more in shape because I also think when we go back to our daily lives, to our normal activities, to be with our fans, our people. Taking care of health is never too much and there is always time, ”, said.

Pericles also states that physical exercises are done frequently. “My body care today is greater, I do functional gymnastics three times a week. I've been cutting a lot of the diet because of the medical monitoring I do. ”

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