Patty Jenkins explained why , left Thor: Dark World

In 2011 Patty jenkins was hired by Marvel studios to direct Thor's second installment, but the director eventually left the project and later signed with Waner Bros. to direct Wonder Woman. Until recently, the true reasons why Jenkins dropped the film were unknown, but in a recent interview with Vanity FairThe director explained why , ended up leaving the project behind.

Jenkins said , stopped delivery because I was worried that the movie would finally be bad, and because of its gender, Thor: Dark World, would have been a delivery troublesome that would affect the rest of , career.

“I don't think , would have been a good movie based on the script they had,” said the director. “I think , would have been a big problem and , would have seemed like my fault. , would have looked like ‘this woman directed and ruined all those things, '” , explained.

“You can't make movies you don't believe in. The only reason I would have, would be to prove to people that I could, but I wouldn't have proven anything if I wasn't successful, and I don't think they would have given me another chance, ”, added, saying , was grateful to walk away from the project.

While Jenkins did a good job with Wonder woman and demonstrated , skills as a director, , is not wrong to mention that if , stayed in Dark World, And the movie did not meet the expectations of fans and the studio, , would have been blamed for the end result.

, concerns are totally valid, especially considering how the entertainment industry is less than lenient to women, especially those who direct. Very few female directors have had a second chance after a big-budget movie doesn't perform as expected.

And not just for the industry, fans often have little patience with those who don't live up to their expectations for their favorite characters and stories.

If we look at the case of Alan Taylorwho finally directed Thor: Dark WorldAfter working on what is considered one of the worst Marvel installments, , career did not stagnate. In fact, , next installment was Terminator: Genisys, another film that did not meet the expectations expected of ,.

Eventually Taylor was hired to direct The Many Saints of Newark, the prequel movie to the hit series The Sopranos. Not even two lousy performances have stopped the director's career, on the other hand, if Patty Jenkins had made the same mistakes, , probably wouldn't see interviews with Vanity Fair.

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