Meghan Markle supported a young woman who tried to burn , alive

Gone are those days of royalty. Meghan Markle advocates for a young woman who suffered a horrific racist act

The duchess of sussex, Meghan Markle, , has not hesitated to intervene directly to assist and comfort an 18-year-old girl named Althea Bernstein, who has suffered for a good part of , life from incomprehensible racial discrimination and marginalization, which, unfortunately, continues to be a major political and social problem both in U.S like in Europe. In , specific case, these attitudes of racist hatred recently led to a despicable attack with which a group of men tried to burn , alive.

According to sources from the former actress's environment, the two women were on the phone for about forty minutes to openly talk about the ins and outs of their situation and, in the case of Meghan, to show support for the adolescent and offer various tips on how to deal with adversity while protecting , mental health. , prince henry , also participated for ten minutes in the conversation to support Althea.

So much Althea as the duchess of sussex they are biracial and, therefore, throughout their respective lives they have had to face endless setbacks linked to their double origin, which has sometimes led to very unfair treatment by those who pigeonhole and simplify the realities.

Also, the duchess chatted a few days ago with the president of the ‘Boys and Girls Club’ county Dane, Michael Johnson, who has been acting as a spokesperson for Althea, in order to intensify their direct involvement in this type of cause and to maintain closer contact with other victims of similar incidents.

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