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Meet the new makeup artist Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria tuvo que darle pecho a su hijo Santiago en medio de la jungla


Meet the new makeup artist Eva Longoria

If you thought that all the celebrities have a nanny that takes care of their little ones 24 hours a day, you are wrong. There are several that combine their professional commitments with their role as mother.

Eva Longoria It is a perfect example of this. There are many opportunities in which we have seen the actress working and accompanied by , little “Santi” Staff product of , marriage to the Mexican businessman Pepe Cane.

But this time, “Santi” Not only did , accompany , mother but , also worked as a makeup artist and helped the professionals with the “touch up”. It shows that for the baby Walking stick This is a matter of course and is even part of , mother's work team.

Here we leave the tender image.

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