Meet the Miami apartment where Walter Mercado wished us ‘very much love’

The famous Puerto Rican astrologer had a very interesting collection of capes, relics and antiques in , cozy home in the City of the Sun

In the coming weeks , will reach the screen of Netflix the documentary ‘Much Much Love’, in which the life of Walter Mercado, who died, on November 2, 2019, in , native Puerto Rico.

The renowned astrologer, who was famous for , capes and for , picturesque way of being, lived a large part of , life in the city of Miami, although , also lived in New York.

In Miami, , had a luxurious apartment, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, which , put up for sale, in 2017, due to , work projects in the Big Apple. I asked for , alone $ 500 thousand dollars.

, then house, located in the Downtown of the Sun City, had many relics and different elements alluding to , profession and personal tastes.

Living room

After crossing the door, to , right, , had a room that was decorated with various pictures, statues and mirrors. , also had a couple of chairs, a coffee table, and several coffee-colored sides.


In front of that room was , kitchen, which was open and had a bar that was also used by the dancer to prepare , food and wash the dishes. [/ embed]

Dinning room

In front of the kitchen was , dining room made up of a table, made of brown wood, with capacity for eight people and a carver.

As in , living room, Walter's dining room had a wall full of paintings and plates, with which , managed to inject , own style into every corner of , apartment.


Finishing the dining room was , living room, a space that , equipped with armchairs, tables, chairs, and antique lamps.

, had a long chair, a medium chair, as well as two singles and a stool.

This room was located next to a window, so natural lighting was never lacking in this corner.

Main bedroom

In , bedroom , had a large 19th century bed made of solid wood, a kind of sofa bed, a white table for two chairs, as well as a brown table where , used to place all , saints and virgins. [/ embed]

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