MC Mirella celebrates 3 years of dating and shows motel-like room

MC Mirella celebrated 3 years of relationship with , boyfriend, funkeiro Dynho Alves. On the night of Wednesday (9), the singer made a publication in commemoration to date and a detail caught the attention of this columnist.

Mirella posted a video in which , appears in bed lying down and filming , boyfriend making a joke on , belly. So far, nothing more. Except that , filmed the moment through a reflection of the couple in a mirror on the ceiling.

The column found it curious that Mirella had a mirror on , bedroom ceiling, as such decorations are common in motel rooms. Anyway, check out the video and the tribute the funkeira did to the boy:

“The mess is legal, always will be. Just to say that we are there another month, then 3 years together. I can only think of how fast time goes by and that life really is a box of surprises. Never before I knew you better I thought we would have something and we're there, huh? Who would say… thank you for being with me at the moments I needed most, at the moments I need most and being by my side always holding my hand, even if it is to hear my thousand and a few complaints or problems, ”, wrote.

“I'm glad we can share experiences together, share our time even though it's so little because of our rush. It's very good to be able to live it, and you can't explain it in words, just feeling it! And yes, when the time comes, we'll have a beautiful family. Of that I have no doubt. May God bless, guide and always illuminate our ways… thank you for making me happy, being with you is very good! I love you, Dynho Alves, ”, said.

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