Mariana Rios sensualizes but 'strange knee' steals the scene in photo

Rio – Mariana Rios decided to sensualize on social networks this Tuesday. The actress posted a picture in which , appears in a bikini, buttocking out of the pool. “Good morning Atacama. This is a beautiful thing, ”Mariana wrote in the caption.

However, what ended up stealing the scene was not the good form of the actress. And yes, your “weird knee.” “What happened to your knee?” One person asked in the comments. “Hi, I don't understand your knee, so strange, must be the position,” said another follower.

The actress is also the target of criticism for being too thin and vented on the subject on social networks recently. “So, guys, if today I can have the body I want, it's because I have balance in my life. I don't eat every day all the sweets on the planet, all the fried foods in the world. Life is a balance. If I eat ice cream, eat healthy chocolate without sugar, eat rice with beans, it's because it's part of my life. The secret is to have balance. We have to live. I'm going to party and like the brigadeiros everyone who has the party, but then the next day I do an exercise, take care of myself. I eat every 3 hours. Very nice, ”, said.

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