Marco Antonio Regil returns to Telemundo with ‘Minuto Para Ganar’ at the perfect time

Marco Antonio Regil go back to Telemundo with a new contest program to reunite the whole family. “Minute To Win”See contestants compete in one-minute challenges with the dream of winning up to $ 100,000 in cash.

Viewers witness a group of participants trying a variety of fun and exciting tasks, with increasing levels of difficulty, that must be completed in 60 seconds.

“I am very happy and enjoying the launch of uto Minuto Para Ganar ',” the presenter enthusiastically told us. “, is a super fun, positive, energetic, teamwork program. , is an excellent formula for people to be distracted and have fun watching , but also learn games they can do at home. “

‘Minute to Win’ with Marco Antonio Regil / Photo: Telemundo / Ben Cohen

The latter is precisely the interesting thing about this contest format. All the challenges that the participants are exposed to are using common things that many of us already have.

“They are games that are made with balls, pencils, erasers, garbage cans, plates … things that you have at home or in the office,” , explained. “People can have fun at home now that people are in bondage, they can start doing these physical activities and , is really a lot of fun.”

“Minuto para Ganar” airs Monday through Friday at 7 pm/6c. / Photo: Telemundo / Ben Cohen

The family union is something that characterizes all the projects that Regil presents. “Minuto Para Ganar” is a fun way to spend time with loved ones amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“, is impossible for you to see , and not start playing at home. Right now is the perfect time because we are at home, “, added. “You can have a lot of fun and instead of thinking that the world is going to end and being worried about things that we don't know are going to happen, taking care of ourselves and with our hands well washed we can play at home.”

“Minuto Para Ganar” airs Monday through Friday at 7 pm/6c on Telemundo.