Lorenzo Méndez sends message to Chiquis Rivera in the middle of the marriage matr pause ’

A year ago they got married Lorenzo Mendez and Chiquis Rivera. The couple is going through a marriage crisis and their first year as husband and wife are going through , separately.

Celebrities have a bad time and put their marriage on “pause”. Despite the circumstances, Méndez dedicated some tender words to , still wife.

“What a year of growth, maturity, and ups and downs … life is not perfect but your will is,” Méndez wrote in English. “Love is the best gift. Although we are on hiatus, my heart will always beat for you and I will always choose you just like a year ago. “

For , part, Chiquis also dedicated some heartfelt words dressed as a bride and without a bra.

“Dear God, , has been a year of ups and downs,” Chiquis wrote in English. “Some happy moments and others not so much. But, regardless of the reasons, obstacles and setbacks, I want to thank you for giving me the blessing of having lived ,. Now, a year later, I am wiser, stronger and full of love. Thank you. May your will be done in my life. ”


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