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Lili Estefan and Carlitos the producer unleashed dancing salsa

Lili Estefan y Carlitos el productor se desataron bailando salsa


Lili Estefan and Carlitos the producer unleashed dancing salsa

The drivers showed that size doesn't matter when you want to move the skeleton

Lili Estefan

Rich Fury / Getty Images

We already know that in The fat and the skinny We are accustomed to the fact that anything minimal is a good mood and joy for everyone in this show. But what we didn't imagine is that Carlitos “The Producer” , had a great hidden talent for dancing salsa, but we tell them , has it. This time it had no better occurrence than choosing as a dance partner to Skinny Lili Estefan and what was put together was the big one between this pair of good dancers.

For those who don't know much to Carlitos, we remind you that your real name is Juan Espinosa, was born in Cuba and has a son named Sebastian, which has captivated everyone's hearts.

Carlitos started in a Univision how “El Chacalito” from Giant Saturday and the public knew , for , occurrences. Today , is the producer of The fat and the skinny and has managed to become a key piece for the show. But most importantly, this human being shows that stature is measured by the size of your desire.

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