LeBron James revealed that Space Jam 2 is progressing despite the coronavirus

In the face of the coronavirus outbreak and the closure of most cinemas, many premieres have been postponed, while productions that were not yet finished have stopped their production. This has cast doubt on what will happen to many 2021 installments, as they will apparently also have to delay their releases.

Space Jam 2, starring Lebron James, has not given many updates regarding its production during the outbreak. However, the professional basketball player referred to the movie in the last episode of the podcast. Road Trippin ’, where , appeared as a guest.

In the interview, the player explained that the movie has always been set for June 2021, so “on that side we are fine”. “Most of what you need to do now is animationSo staying at home is great for us, “, said.

“Like everyone else, we are going slower, but we haven't stopped,” James said. “I wish we could launch , online now to bring good news to people, but we will have to wait for next year,” , added.

Apparently, the live-action filming has ended and only the animation remains. , should be remembered that this film will follow the same formula as its predecessor, Space jam, starring Michael Jordan, who interacts with Looney Tunes characters in 2D animation.

As the entertainers work from home to carry on Space Jam 2, the end of production seems to be getting closer.

Space Jam 2 , is set to premiere in June 2021.

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