Katy Perry warms Christmas with a hot body of sexy Mrs. Claus

The singer gave violent temperature change from 'Harleys in Hawaii' to 'Cozy Little Christmas'

Katy Perry.

Instagram capture

If for something it has distinguished Katy Perry throughout , musical career is for the creativity and originality of , songs and thematic videos.

Now, the iconic singer pleasantly pleased , followers again this Christmas season with the video clip of , song ‘Cozy Little Christmas’ in which , plays a red hot Mrs. Claus that consents to the good and dear Santa.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg8Gk1iXEIs (/ embed)

The video has arrived quickly, the same day of its release, it has exceed one million views on YouTube, is in international trends and, to promote it, the Artist of ‘Teenage dream’ has shared an inspiring photo of , through Instagram in which , poses with a Sexy Christmas body on a cot.

For a couple of days, , has also changed , profile picture in the different social networks for one in which , appears with a tall hairstyle full of Christmas lights, demonstrating that eccentricity and genius has always been , thing.

The recent video clip and all Christmas allegory contrasts sharply with all the advertising campaign that the singer was developing in recent months to ‘Harleys in Hawaii’.

For now, , millions of followers appreciate that, even in winter, Katy keep conserving and transmitting that heat That is so typical of , and , personality.


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