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Julian Gil clarifies the scandal with Geraldine Bazán's mother in El Gordo and La Flaca de Univision

Julián Gil aclara el escándalo con la mamá de Geraldine Bazán en El Gordo y la Flaca de Univision


Julian Gil clarifies the scandal with Geraldine Bazán's mother in El Gordo and La Flaca de Univision

After the break between Geraldine Bazán and Santiago Ramundo the actor was also involved Julian Gil, who through the cameras of The fat and the skinny , gave , version of the facts and sent a message to the mother of Geraldine Bazan, after Mrs. Rosalba Ortiz I said that , had been the person behind the rumors that pointed to Bazan unfaithful.

It was said that the ex-wife of Gabriel Soto , had cheated on Ramundo with Jaime Mayol, , partner in “What a Lion 2”, movie that was recorded in the Dominican Republic.

The actor has been clear in saying: “I did not go to Santo Domingo, nor did I run the gossip. Clarissa may know more than me, because I wasn't in Santo Domingo and I wasn't in that movie either. ”

Julian stressed that , is in gossip without having anything to do with the matter.

“The sad thing about all this is the statements of the lady – Geraldine Bazán's mother – I should not speak, because I am a gentleman, but there are things that have to be clarified. First, I don't know the lady, nor do I have any interest in knowing ,, and as Geraldine says that , has to silence , mother for things , says, because it is very ugly to hear this lady judge me, to dirty me without any reason. ”

Gil reflects that the sad thing about this story is that now the news that moves the most in relation to this issue is what the actress's mother said. “Today the gossip that is running is more about what the lady says, than the original gossip. And why, because the lady is very skilled, , is very skilled and , imagined that , did it to protect the daughter, and it is made as if , is fighting with the daughter, but to protect the daughter , makes a gossip to me my”.

The actor took advantage of El Gordo and La Flaca's cameras to tell Doña Rosalba: “Look, ma'am… I also shouldn't talk because the lady is nobody, I don't know , and I don't have any interest. I am a very good friend of Geraldine, I appreciate ,, I love , we have worked together, but this lady who takes revenge to put in, and that , own daughter is sending , to shut up… ”.

Lili Estefan explained to Julian that Geraldine for , part already denied the rumors and said that , had ended , romance with Santiago because of a conversation , had with , daughter's therapist, who told , that they were having a hard time seeing their children. Parents with other couples.

Here the conversation between Julian and Lili Estefan.

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