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The Netflix menu had already shown us the story of how Star wars, The ninja turtles or the power Rangers They became icons for entire generations. In The Toys That Made Us, The attempts of producers, animators or cartoonists to make their creations something tangible survived as background noise. In some cases, television series. In others, movies.

And if there is a consensus regarding that production of Netflix dedicated to the origin of the toys that marked generations, was that a spin-off that talked about cinema should arrive sooner or later. Thus, one day fluttering from film to film, as if it were a visit to a video store, we went into The Movies That Made Us.

Netflix warns in its summary: “to see in any order.” These are four master episodes in which we revise the novel origin of Die hard -Hard to Kill-, the difficult road to roll Dirty Dancing, the crazy ideas behind Home Alone -My poor angel- and the strange origin of Ghostbusters As a family business.

In the case of the movie starring Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze We know the tensions between the actors, the crazy race to finance the project and fundamentally the risk of its plot, which sought to raise discussions about the origin of classes -expressed in the type of dance-, abortion as a right and sexual freedom of all kinds, all this packaged on a trip to the mountains of Catskill that never was, and deepened in the statements of who gives rise to the story of “Baby”, the protagonist of the story.

If something is around this episode, it is the sense of urgency that Netflix's production manages to convey around Eleanor Bergstein's work and the context in which it was made: in times of Footloose or the indescribable brightness of Flashdance. The Movies That Made Us takes an old device, revives it by telling its story and puts the accents in the right place, probably in the most creative way possible. This nostalgia is not plastic.

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There is also space for fun. The odyssey of Chris Colombus to achieve My poor angel takes almost heroic trims that include the making of the film in a gym, the cancellation of it and an unthinkable resurrection in the hands of Fox, after Warner decided to fire the entire team that, as , learned the news, , was being rehired by the Simpsons house, room by room.

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That of Hard to Kill It is another story of those: to chart the depth of the classic in which Alan Rickman antagonizes and a -for the time- unthinkable Bruce Willis it was not easy. In a world where action heroes were tall, stocky men with trademark phrases, the story of the protagonist’s choice of Sixth Sense to the detriment of an old man Frank Sinatra, the final mistakes in the film's editing room and the unthinkable success that brought brightness to the eyes – and pockets – of the producers take place, since the chronicle of the annoyance of the neighbors of one of the buildings is also told most famous in the history of cinema.

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The chapter dedicated to The Ghostbusters , is rich in nostalgia and probably helps to put many things on the forefront that we do not regularly understand about cinema: how a script is written once, mutates in the process and is carried by the actors, who in this case, fly at unsuspected heights: Bill murray and Harold ramis They put the high score of the special.

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The Movies That Made Us It is not just a series of documentaries about the vicissitudes surrounding the production of a film. It is also a master story about a world that no longer exists. On the illusion of the market financing an idea. The realization of dreams. The love for homework. Who and how will have chosen the first four films for this cycle on Netflix? Probably, someone who understood the complete depth of the cultural products that would be analyzed in it: the history of what represents the mere idea of ​​dreaming about something, achieving it and moving on to eternity. An x-ray of what was once the human soul of directors, actors and, why not say, the spectators.

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