Jessica Costa, Leonardo's daughter, will undergo heart surgery

Jessica Costa, daughter of singer Leonardo, will undergo heart surgery next year. The news came from , on , YouTube channel. In addition, , spoke of traveling to the United States and revealed having suffered from panic and depression syndrome.

“It's a trip that doesn't have a specific reason, I didn't come to work. I came to be with them. This year went well… a thousand things happened that I never imagined. … Along with very great and good things came bad things. I didn't even officially tell you, but I had my first panic attack this year. It's a thing I don't wish for anyone. I had bouts of depression, anxiety, ”, said.

Following, Jessica talked about the heart problem. , has done some tests and found that , will need to have this surgery next year. “I was born with a heart problem, which I don't know the full name. I went to check up in Goiás and found out that next year I will have to have surgery. This made me more anxious, frequent panic attacks, ”, said.

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