Jennifer Lopez's tips for avoiding stress

Jennifer Lopez , is one of the most popular singers and actresses of the moment, , long career has made , one of the busiest women in the artistic world and therefore sometimes , is loaded with a lot of work. And if you ever felt as overwhelmed by stress as , did, today we are going to leave you some of , tips to relax easily.

To combat stress , take a shower, very simple, you do not need to have scented candles, however , helps a lot to use oils with relaxing smells. JLo also recommends a massage to release tension from your body.

Last but not least , also ensures that a walk And going out to breathe fresh air works a lot for ,, as , sometimes does not have free time to calmly look at the world and its people.

This is how JLo relaxes and fights stress, undoubtedly , advice is very easy and useful.

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