Jared Leto surprises in the trailer for ‘Morbius’, one of the most iconic enemy of ‘Spider-Man’

The trailer for the film starring Jared Leto, ‘Morbius’, in which , will play one of the most iconic enemies of ‘Spider-man’: Marvel’s deadly vampire, who will be the darkest of all.

The film, which is scheduled to premiere on July 31, 2020, shows the origin of Michael Morbius, a scientist marked since childhood by a rare blood disease. However, the cure to this evil will bring about becoming a horrendous vampire.

Jared Leto's Morbius has a path similar to Tom Hardy's Venom: in , first appearances , is a monstrous villain to later become an antihero.

However, the big surprise of the trailer is at the end: Adrian Toomes, an enemy of yesteryear from Spider-Man and recently played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming, makes an appearance.

This horror film, directed by Daniel Espinosa, also features the performances of Tyrese Gibson (Fast and Furious), Matt Smith (The Queen), Adria Arjona (6 in the Shadow) and Jared Harris (Chernobyl).

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLMBLuGJTsA (/ embed)

It should be remembered that Morbius was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1971 for “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

, appeared sporadically in the Spider-Man comic collections until in 1992 , had , own numbered 32-volume series called “Morbius: The Living Vampire.”

The character was also one of the main villains of Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

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