Is Tom Holland's comment that , is being smashed in social networks sexist?

The statements of Tom Holland caused controversy after being interpreted as macho

Tom Holland.

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Tom Holland got into a mess without wishing it. According to many opinions of social network users, the actor made a macho statement in the interview , gave to Icon magazine, of the Spanish newspaper El País.

Holland, who gives life to the character of Spider-Man, revealed that , suffered bullying in high school for practicing ballet. They told , that , was gay, but , never cared, because the classes were a great catwalk for girls … And this idea was the one that sparked much criticism.

“As I did ballet, people thought it was gay. And what if I am? I'm not gay, but what does it matter? For me, doing ballet was an opportunity to spend two hours a day in a studio with 30 girls in tights, “said the British actor.

, words were quickly interpreted as macho, to such a degree that in social networks a campaign against , new film arose: Spider-Man: Far From Home. On the other hand, there were those who defended the actor by minimizing , statements and ready to go to the cinema on July 5, the day of the premiere.

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