In Joker they thought to make a mockery with a post-credit scene

Marvel Studios films installed fashion: you have to stay to see the credits of superhero movies, or really almost any production, as there could be something else.

That is to say, it is not necessary to remain to know who was responsible for each detail put on screen, but by the mere possibility of a post-credits scene. And the Joker movie could have had one.

The idea of ​​a post-credit scene in this movie might seem wrong and a bit too light for me.“Todd Phillips explained to GamesRadar. “ANDso it would not have been something we would have done, buto Joaquin Phoenix said it would be fun to put bloopers next to the names, as they did in the old days“, added.

The idea would obviously have contrasted completely with the tone of the movie, but on the other hand a sequence of bloopers in the Jackie Chan-style credits would have been appropriate for what the Joker is.

At the same time, in a world where post-credit scenes are used to create something serial, put small crumbs for tomorrow's bread, it could also have been an appropriate disruption to the already widespread expectations that ask for such sequences to exist. .

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