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'I am a man, bisexual, father, family and conservative,' says Netinho

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'I am a man, bisexual, father, family and conservative,' says Netinho

The singer Netinho posted on , Facebook an image in support of the attitude of the mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella, who ordered to remove from the Book Biennale the comic book “Avengers: the Children's Crusade”. According to the politician, the publication that portrays two characters kissing is “content inappropriate for minors”. Netinho then wrote on , Facebook profile: “Evil big guys, CHILDREN ARE UNTOTABLE in their purity.”

The singer's publication yielded over 400 comments. “Everyone has the right to live life as they please. What you cannot do is want to impose your ideas and attitudes. Especially for children who are influential, ”said one follower. “After all, Marvel magazine is not even aimed at children. It would be enough if it was described on the cover that there were scenes of violence, ”answered another.

In one of the comments, a follower posted a report in which Netinho appears saying that , has already had relationships with men. The singer then answered right away: “But now, a gentleman comes here on my Facebook account to tell my followers that I am bisexual, showing a story where I have stated this in the past, as if I hid that fact. I am a man, bisexual, father, family, conservative, honest, dignified, sincere, fulfilled and very happy. No further”.

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