How many children does Tommy Mottola have?

Tommy Mottola , is the wealthy and successful businessman who is married to Thalia. However , has not been the only woman to have borne , and if you have ever wondered who are the heirs of the 70-year-old producer, here we present them to you.

1. Michael

Tommy's eldest son was seen next to , father and the singer last year, when , was given , star on the Walk of Fame to the producer. Michael gets along very well with , half brothers and they share good times together.

2. Sarah

The producer's oldest daughter in 2017 gave , father great joy by turn , into a grandfather. , was the second daughter of , marriage to Lisa Clark from whom , parted in 1990.

3. Sabrina Sakaë

The first daughter of Tommy and Thalía turned 12 last October and , definitely got the charisma out of , mother. , is not yet known if , will decide to follow in , mom's footsteps, however no one doubts that , would be spectacular.

4. Matthew Alejandro

The youngest of Mottola's children is 9 years old and on social networks , steals attention with , joy and charisma. The followers of the singer assure that , is the living image of , father.

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