Heloísa Périssé tells about , life after overcoming cancer

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After a troubled 2019 after discovering cancer in the salivary glands, Heloísa Périssé, who thought , would live normally in 2020, was surprised by the new coronavirus pandemic, as well as the whole world. The actress managed to cure herself of the disease, and deals with the “sequelae” with good humor. “I'm laughing crookedly. Now I'm learning to deal with this new me. I will not stop smiling, ”, said at an online event.

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The actress had partial paralysis of the mouth after cancer treatment and, therefore, says , laughs crookedly. Even with difficulties, , never lets them bring , down. “I deal with life by living in the now. I don't live in what will be, I live in what is happening. I teach my daughters not to sweep things under the rug, because when you postpone dealing with that, you are increasing that, and you will find something stronger up front, ”, says.

Heloísa intended to return to work this year, but was prevented because of the pandemic. “We thought we were going to stay in the house for 15 days, we have been there for 100. I was done with my whole year. Last year I lived my private pandemic, today I am living the pandemic in the collective ”, , concludes.

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