Héctor Sandarti: With tears and much sadness, , said goodbye to ‘A New Day’

“There are cycles that have to be closed, , closes too soon” … , said in part of , farewell

As we anticipated yesterday, this Friday was the last day of Héctor Sandarti in 'A new day'… A way out that neither , colleagues nor , seems to understand, and thus they let , glimpse in their respective speeches, where they even broke the social distancing to end up hugging their colleagues Rashel Diaz, Adamari López and Chiqui Baby.

From the beginning of the show , was announced that in the last hour there would be a very special tribute to say goodbye to Sandarti, who after 2 years in the morning show of Telemundo I left the program and the chain.

The sadness and tension was felt in the 4 hours the show lasted, and , became even more evident when , was time for the farewell, which began with an account of , time in 'A New Day', and the thanks of their colleagues who are working from home.

Back at the studio, Rashel, Adamari, Chiquibaby and especially Sandarti could not avoid crying at a time that, they made clear in each of their words, that , was not something they expected, nor did they want , to happen.

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live with you so many extraordinary moments that are not only summarized in what is on the screen, but in what lives in our hearts”, began by saying Adamari López.

The one that followed was Rashel Díaz, who was in charge of the strongest and bravest part of the farewell by revealing details not known to the public:

“Until you did not enter, we did not imagine that we needed a person as much as you in our team. You came to reunite us again, to restore us in difficult times that we had lived … You alleviated the pain that we brought from the past, you reunited us all, you are a great companion. Because of my faith and the trust that I have in God, I know that, although we do not understand , today, , is a journey that is just beginning. I love you”.

The last and perhaps the most excited, Chiquibaby, who said the following: “The pain that the fact that you are not going to be with us is evident, I don't know how we are going to do ,, because you are the person who made us laugh the most, who made us have a good time, and I admire you not only for the extraordinary talent that you have, you are a complete artist, but more for the human being that you are, because you are a very good companion, but you are a great friend and I think that the public will miss you very much… Thank you for being who you are ”.

If , was excited, after listening to , classmates and colleagues the crying betrayed , even worse and with a broken voice, , said the following.

“I hug them all three from a distance, I hug them with my heart, with my soul, with all the feeling I have right now, but I also want to hug all my colleagues who are there: cameramen, technicians, producers, floor managers, everyone you who are part of this family and do not see each other ”, started saying Sandarti through tears and continued.

“Today all I want to express is my total and deep gratitude to life, to God for giving me two of the best years of my life with this beautiful family, in this beautiful country, in this beautiful city, in this wonderful company who fought so hard to have me and that there are people that I know who fought so hard because I was here, today many of them are surely not there, but they know who they are, where they are I send all my thanks ”, continued to hint that , entrance was not a path of roses and that not everyone, perhaps, agreed so much.

“To the production, to Desy (Desiree Colomina, executive producer of the show), for the trust, for the love they showed me, because they always let me be me with all my crazy things. But above all today I want to thank you that you are at home, that you allowed me to be part of your life, of your family, of your mornings, that everything I do, I do in the only way I know, I do , with love, and I am very grateful that so many people from so many countries that I had never come to, people from Cuba, Colombia, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, so many countries that did not know me, I feel them in my heart and I also take them with me the heart.

And for the end , left the closest ones, , wife Paulina, , daughter Juliana, , mother, brothers and the rest of , family to whom , sent a forceful message: “Above all, this moment that is hard for all of us which is to separate ourselves from this great show… There are cycles that have to close, this one closes too soon, I know good things are coming and I am leaving extremely happy, very proud ”, concluded.

, promised that later , would give more details of , departure through , social networks. Meanwhile, as we tell you, a new change of helm is expected for ‘A New Day’, one more, where they would give more space to news and current events, above entertainment.



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