HBO Max streaming would produce movies based on DC Comics characters

Superhero movies are currently the most valuable currency in the film industry, especially due to the economic results of the adaptations of the main brands associated with the Marvel Comics and DC Comics publishers.

In the case of the latter, a new Variety report indicates that movies based on the DC characters would be produced to empower the new HBO Max streaming, which will bring together the main brands that the WarnerMedia conglomerate owns.

The publication indicates that HBO Max will depend “heavily” on Warner Bros. to obtain exclusive content, which would lead to congregate between eight to ten films. In that sense, Variety indicates that part of that production would imply to sink the tooth to the content of the DC Universe.

Among the names that could be involved in this task are producer Greg Berlanti, known for , work in the creations of the so-called Arrowverso, and who also had a film based on Booster Gold in the portfolio. Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams could be another one involved, since , signed a lucrative deal with Warner Bros recently.

However, beyond that speculation, there are no details about the projects that could be involved, but consider that Marvel Studios will turn strongly to support the new Disney + streaming through series connected to its cinematic universe.

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