Harvey Weinstein is 'well and recovering' after contracting the coronavirus

Informants say the 68-year-old producer has passed the worst of the virus

Harvey Weinstein.

Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Producer Harvey Weinstein, who is deprived of liberty in the Wende penitentiary institution, in New York, after being sentenced to 23 years in prison for two crimes of rape and sexual assault, feels relatively “good”, in the words of , closest circle, after having tested positive in recent tests to find out if , had contracted the coronavirus.

Okay, the worst is over and you are recovering normally“An informant from , environment has revealed to the Deadline news portal, also insisting that the former King Midas of Hollywood is completely isolated from the rest of the prisoners and under the constant surveillance of the team of doctors and nurses in the New York jail.

According to the same sources, a full recovery of the reviled businessman is expected in the coming days, although the health personnel who treat , do not let down their guard given the previous pathologies that Weinstein, 68, presents.

, must be remembered that, during the judicial process that culminated in the historic sentence in early March, the producer had to be rushed to the hospital on two occasions due to severe chest pain and anxiety attacks that , experienced at the exit of the court, both when , guilt was certified, and when the terms of , sentence were communicated to ,.

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